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High-accuracy NTC Thermistor and TWS Bluetooth Earphones
2023/06/28 03:06:53

In the context of today's era of pursuing quality, focusing on convenience and experience, TWS Bluetooth earphones have become a popular electronic product in recent years. In addition to outstanding features such as wireless charging, stereo sound effects, environmental noise reduction, and low latency, the user experience of TWS Bluetooth earphones is better equipped with body temperature monitoring function. The realization of this function is real-time temperature monitoring by inserting a high-accuracy NTC thermistor to maximize the effect of obtaining body temperature data from TWS Bluetooth earphones.

Why are TWS Bluetooth earphones with body temperature monitoring more popular? This is due to the pandemics that have ravaged the world in recent years, and people are paying more attention to their health than ever before. Compared with traditional mercury thermometers, using TWS Bluetooth earphones to measure temperature can save waiting time, as long as the user wears the earphone, the terminal device can be connected through Bluetooth to know the temperature status in real time. Compared with the popular infrared forehead thermometers, relying on the NTC thermistor set inside the earphones, users can obtain body temperature data through the ear canal (the temperature inside the ear canal is less susceptible to ambient temperature than the forehead temperature) anytime and anywhere, observe their own situation at all times.

At present, most temperature monitoring solutions of TWS Bluetooth earphones will use SMD type NTC thermistors, but their measurement accuracy is not high, which easily leads to inaccurate body temperature information collection. In order to improve this technical problem, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a self-developed and mass-produced CB series - high-accuracy SMD type NTC thermistor. Compared with the conventional SMD type NTC thermistor, this thermistor can play its advantages in TWS Bluetooth earphones:

First, the accuracy is higher. The accuracy of this NTC thermistor can reach ±0.1℃, which effectively ensures the accuracy of body temperature measurement;

Second, the bending strength is better. The limit bending of the CB series high-accuracy SMD type NTC thermistor can reach 10mm;

Third, the sensitivity is more excellent. Fast response, which can efficiently assist TWS Bluetooth earphones to complete the work of body temperature monitoring.

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