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Automotive A/C Evaporator with NTC Thermistor
2023/03/14 03:03:40

Automotive air conditioning system will continue to dissipate heat during operation, in order to avoid device damage due to excessive operating temperature, the A/C evaporator needs to exert its heat dissipation role and balance the temperature inside the automobile. Automotive A/C evaporator generally uses NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, so as to control the working state of the compressor better.

Existing automotive A/C evaporator on the market will place NTC thermistor on the surface, and this structure can only monitor the operating temperature of the evaporator surface, resulting in a slower response. This limitation of installation position will also lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the compressor and affect the temperature inside the automobile. In order to further improve the automotive A/C evaporator and better play its role in the air conditioning system, most manufacturers will install NTC thermistors in the evaporator, so that the time to collect temperature information is greatly shortened and the accuracy of temperature acquisition is improved.

NTC thermistor is encapsulated and placed in the core of the automotive A/C evaporator to ensure the stable operation of the evaporator by monitoring the working temperature of the evaporator in real time. The thermistor selected by the manufacturer is the VT series automotive NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., which has good consistency and can effectively assist the long-term and stable work of the automotive A/C evaporator; Its high temperature resistance, in the high temperature and high humidity working environment of evaporator can also play a great role in temperature monitoring; Its high accuracy allows for more accurate collection of temperature data from the evaporator.

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