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NTC Thermistor and Solar Cell
2021/10/21 03:10:03

With the popularization of new energy, solar cell has gradually become the first choice for energy supply in various industries. The MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can play the role of temperature monitoring and temperature controlling in solar cell because of its high precision, high sensitivity, small size and other characteristics, so that the solar cell can play a better energy supply effect.

In the process of high current charging, the polarization effect will appear in the traditional battery, making the battery hot. And when the high current battery is full of charge, if not stopped in time, the battery will quickly heat up, and in serious cases, the battery will be burned and exploded. In many cases, users need to charge the battery quickly, efficiently and safely, which requiring a large current. Early quick-charge batteries used simple timed charging, but they were targeted and unsatisfying. At the same time, the traditional battery also has certain defects in the process of use, which can not use solar energy to make the rechargeable battery full of power. Therefore, it is necessary to design a solar cell to solve the drawbacks existing in the use of existing batteries.

EXSENSE Electronics introduces a solar cell, which includes battery body, MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor, partition plate, battery module, controller, wiring terminal, etc. The upper end of the main body of the rechargeable battery is provided with a wiring terminal, and one side of the wiring terminal is provided with fixed screws; The outer surface of the main body of the rechargeable battery is fixed with a solar cell module, and one side of the solar cell module is provided with exhaust holes; The outer surface of the battery groove is provided with a controller, and the battery groove is fixedly connected with the main body of the rechargeable battery; The inner of the battery groove is provided with a silicon pressure-down device, and the silicon  pressure-down device is provided with a NTC thermistor below; One side of the main body of the rechargeable battery is provided with an electric groove, and electrolyte is arranged inside the groove; One side of the partition plate is provided with electrode plate, and the partition plate is fixedly connected with electric groove. Among them, the number of fixing screws is four groups, the battery groove and the controller are fixedly connected, the electrode plate and the electric groove are fixedly connected.

Compared with existing battery on the market, the solar cell module is set up so that sunlight hits the solar cell module during the day, so that the solar cell module generates a certain range of DC voltage and converts the light energy into electricity. After the overcharge protection of the controller, the electric energy from the solar cell module is transmitted to the main body of the rechargeable battery for storage. Using solar cell to supply energy, can effectively save energy, at the same time will not produce pollution, bring green environmental protection effect. By setting silicon pressure-down device, without increasing the number of rechargeable batteries, the DC output voltage can be guaranteed to be stable within the allowable range, so as to avoid the instability of power supply caused by too large or too small voltage and bring better power supply effect. By adding the MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor, the number of carriers increases with the increase of temperature and the resistance value of thermistor decreases. After the resistance value is reduced, the current and voltage will increase, so that the charging speed is accelerated, the charging time is saved, and the application prospect is better. The whole solar cell device is simple, easy to operate, the use effect is better than the traditional battery.

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