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Energy-saving Low-power NTC Thermistor
2019/12/31 03:12:10

At present, the high-power NTC thermistor is a discretely installed wafer element consisting of electrode leads, NTC chips, encapsulating materials, etc., which is used in the circuit for surge current suppression. Due to its room temperature resistance value is 0.5 to 50Ω, steady-state operating current is 6 to 60A, the temperature of the component itself when powered off is reduced, the resistance value under steady-state operating current is 30 to 300mΩ, the power consumption is 10 to 20w, the surface temperature of the component body is as high as 150℃ or more. Therefore, not only is not conducive to energy saving, but also has a negative impact on other components in the circuit, it’s difficult to be widely used in the situation of larger current and smaller space.

In view of the existing high-power NTC thermistor, which has the shortage of high power consumption, big heat generation, high temperature, low conduction current capacity, EXSENSE electronics introduce an energy-saving low-power NTC thermistor, it not only has a large operating current, low power consumption, but also has low surface temperature in the operating state, which is energy-saving low-power thermistor. This NTC thermistor can be widely used in high-power conversion power supply, switching power supply, UPS power supply, all kinds of high-power lighting fixtures, electric motor soft start, etc.

This energy-saving low-power NTC thermistor, includes NTC chips, fixed electrodes, dynamic electrodes and insulated housings. The fixed electrode, the dynamic electrode and the NTC chip, make connection through the large contact surface, the multi-contact point of the elastic pressure copper sheet of the fixed electrode and the dynamic electrode, thus realize the electrical connection. At one end of the dynamic electrode sheet is provided with a bimetallic sheet, the end of the bimetallic sheet is equipped with a dynamic electric contact, and the fixed electrode sheet is extended with a fixed electric contact, and the fixed electric contact and the dynamic electric contact are provided with a contact gap. Bimetallic sheet, dynamic electric contact and fixed-electric contact form a bimetallic thermal self-assurance switch, the thermal self-assurance switch and the NTC chip make parallel connection through the fixed electrode and dynamic electrode chip.

The insulated housing consists of a relatively isolated fixed cavity and thermal cavity, a lead-out terminal outlet, a cover plate and an mounting hole. A fixed cavity with NTC chip, fixed electrode and dynamic electrode, a thermal cavity with a thermal self-protection switch, and a thermal cavity set on the side, below or above of the fixed cavity. The shape of bimetallic sheet is bar-type, L-shaped or U-shaped, the effective size of the bimetallic sheet is 10~60mm*2.5~15mm*0.3~5mm, the resistance value is 0.2 to 25mΩ, the resistance rate is 3.0 to 162μΩ·cm, the operating current is 6 to 200A, the power consumption is 0.5 to 10w. The contact gap between the dynamic contact and the fixed electric contact is 0.2 to 5mm. NTC chip is adopted by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of high-performance NTC thermistor ceramic substrate, burn permeability on ceramic substrate conductive layer of silver electrode and coated on the substrate and a silver electrode of oxidation coating of leadless square shape structure, the size is 15~60mm*15~60mm*3.0~15 mm, its resistance value is 0.5~50 Ω, steady working current is 6~60A.

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