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Micro NTC Thermistor
2019/08/14 03:08:51

In the existing technology, the micro NTC thermistor is on the upper and lower electrode layers of the NTC chip, welding two single strands of silver-plated or tin-plated copper wire with a diameter of 0.2mm as a lead, and then installing an insulating casing outside the two leads. The micro NTC thermistor of this structure, on one hand, due to the small welding point of copper wire on the NTC chip, which will result in the use of the process often appear leads single-stranded force welding point off or leads broken from the root, thus affecting the use of micro NTC thermistor; on the other hand, the thermal conductivity of copper wire used for lead is large, about 4W/cm.deg, which increases the heat capacity of NTC chip and increases the thermal time constant of components, thus reducing the thermal response speed of micro NTC thermistor.

Today, let's introduce a new type of micro NTC thermistor, this thermistor can overcome the shortcomings of existing technology while increasing the strength of the lead and increasing the thermal response speed. This type of micro NTC thermistor includes two leads, an insulated paint cladding, an NTC chip and a insulation glue. The two leads of the thermistor are insulated from each other and are insulated in a parallel structure, each of which is made of iron-nickel-copper alloy, which has a thermal conductivity of about 0.22W/cm.deg, which is much smaller than the conductivity of the copper wire, thus reducing the thermal capacity of the thermistor; Insulation varnish is polyester paint, formaldehyde paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, polyimide paint or polyamide diamine paint.

This new micro NTC thermistor allows the strength of the lead to increase, thus overcoming the phenomenon of the leads single-stranded force welding point off or leads broken from the root, thus extending the working life of the micro NTC thermistor. In addition, we use manganese-nickel-copper alloy with low thermal conductivity as a lead, so that the thermal response of the micro NTC thermistor is more than twice as fast as that of the copper wire lead.

NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with high precision, high sensitivity, good heat cycle and so on, size and parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.

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